I’m passionate and enthusiastic when it comes to talking about sex and sexuality.  I believe sex is a normal, natural and beautiful part of life and an essential element of wellbeing and happiness.  Discovering and exploring one’s own sexuality and sexual identity is an exciting and often challenging lifelong journey.

As a Sexuality Coach and Educator my mission is to empower and support others to embark on this unique journey of sexual self-discovery, enabling people to embrace their sexuality with confidence, acceptance and love.  For more information on how I can empower you as your Sexuality Coach, click here and for information on workshops that I run as an educator, check out my education page.

In 2012 I made a series of clips that aim to empower women to feel comfortable exploring their own experience of sexuality, desire and orgasm.  With a greater awareness and understanding of ourselves as sexual women there will be less fear and guilt, and more pleasure and satisfaction.